4 Main Reasons Why You Should Start Using Protective Packaging in Shipping

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4 Main Reasons Why You Should Start Using Protective Packaging in Shipping


There is nothing worse than receiving a package and realizing that it had been broken during the shipping process. This often happens because of the bad packing solutions used when shipping but can be prevented using the right solutions with using the right protective packaging. Our professional packing products will give you the peace-of-mind when shipping your precious products that it will arrive safely (and save you money at the same time). Epepack offers a large variety of protective packaging and void to fill all your shipping and packaging operation needs. 


In this article, we will be discussing about the reasons why it is important to use protective packaging in shipping process: –


1. Protective Packaging Enables Storage for the Inner Contents

  • By implementing protective packaging, this enables easy storage for all kinds of products. 
  • No matter the shape of the product, or how fragile the product is, by choosing the right packaging allows them to be stacked, placed onto pallets, or otherwise arranged for convenience.


2. Protective Packaging can Ensure Maximum Protection for Your Products

  • More often we come across the scenario that the ordered goods that are damaged upon arrival can cause major problems. 
  • Not only do you lose the cost of the original item and shipping it in the first place, you might also have to send replacements at additional cost, which can be a bothersome problem.
  • Broken or marked items can be upsetting for customers and retailers, and sours the relationships and gives your company a bad reputation. 
  • By choosing the suitable protective packaging, this will keep all your items safe, so your shipped goods can arrive at their destination in perfect condition.


3. Protective Packaging can be Informative to Your Customers

  • By using proper protective packaging, this may inform the consumer of all the properties of the product.
  • A packaging is the “tongue” of the product, and it sends out and gives information to your clients.
  • Packaging is often the first thing anyone would notice when looking at a product, a protective packaging can ensure your customers that they can expect their ordered goods to arrive in excellent condition. 
  • With the development of the world we live in today, there is a decreasing family size and increase in the number of single households, the production of especially portioned packaging has increased.
  • Packaged goods are generally preferred as people have limited time to eat, drink and shop at the fast tempo of today and such goods have usage and transport ease.
  • Therefore in developed and developing countries, protective packaging consumption is often higher compared to underdeveloped countries.


4. Protective Packaging can Boost your Brand and Make a Good Impression for Your Customers

  • In the modern era where many online orders are selected and packed by robots, this provides many independent small businesses the chance to create a unique connection between maker and customer. 
  • By utilizing your strengths and using your passion and craft to create a memorable experience by using quality and attractive protective packaging, your customers will notice that personal touch and you’ll find it invaluable in generating future orders and conversations around your brand.
  • By creating beautiful packaging and a special unboxing experience, you can give your customers something to share with their friends. 
  • A pleasant experience of unboxing a protective and attractive packaging can lead to your customers sharing their experience through social media like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.
  • Social media can be an effective way to get your brand noticed. 
  • Moreover, by including a business card on your protective packaging with links to your social media accounts, a discount coupon, and product samples to share with a friend can encourage people to visit your shop again. 


Based on these reasons above, we can conclude that protective packaging is beneficial in shipping and transporting your products to your clients. A protective packaging ensures the safety of your inner contents, creates a storage for your product as well as helps to promote your brand to other customers.